Meet the Team

Our cameras are exceptional, but it’s our team that sets us apart. People are at the heart of technology, and the connections we make with clients and business partners are key to us. The knowledge and experience of each member of Avonic is what helps us to keep innovating and growing, but it’s our sense of fun that allows us to maintain meaningful, lasting relationships with our collaborators.

So why not get to know a little bit more about the team?

Avonic Product Specialist

Daniël de Bakker - Product Specialist

Daniel is our product whizz-kid, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about PTZ components, or how to turn them into meaningful client solutions. He says that his main pleasure comes from getting hardware and software to work together in new and innovative ways, and he takes pride from the fact that he is constantly contributing to the development of long- lasting, high quality components. Meeting the always high standards set by Avonic is a daily challenge, but one that Daniel relishes! (He told us to say – ‘If you need any support, I'm here for you!’)

It’s no surprise that Daniel is our product specialist – working with his hands is what he does best, and it’s a skill he hopes his beautiful daughter will inherit from him. When he’s not building amplifiers or doing carpentry, he’s out cycling on a mountain bike (which is pretty impressive, because Delft isn’t known for its mountains…)

Avonic Marketing manager

Esther Bosveld-van Tour - Graphical Designer

More like our Marketing Magician, Esther is the one who makes sure you hear about all the good work we do at Avonic. Communicative, creative, Esther says she takes particular pleasure from the opportunity to build a brand and give it a character. We love Esther for giving voice and shape to the really organic nature of our company; our true love of tech and innovation, our real belief that personal connections matter, and a recognition that PTZ technology presents a lots of opportunity for a lot of different people.

Outside of work, Esther flexes her creative muscles with some incredible sewing projects, but also keeps active (and adventurous!) with bouldering and running around after her children!

Avonic Product manager

Martijn van Bodegom - Product Manager

Martijn has been with Avonic right from the beginning and he is the force that drives us to continually improve the quality of our products and services. Martijn’s main talent though is the technical training he gives to clients. The core principle of Avonic’s business is that we don’t just ship out a product and leave the client to it – we provide support along every step of the way to make sure client needs are met. We provide solutions, not products. It’s Martijn that makes this possible – our trainer extraordinaire – approachable, knowledgeable and great at building a rapor with our international clients.

Martijn’s a real family man, and whilst his wife might think his offers to cook dinner are a symbol of love, in reality he just loves showing off his elaborate skills in the kitchen!

Avonic Office manager

Sakoentala Behari - Office Manager

Since February 2019 Sakoentala has been a noticeable “presence of order” in our team. She makes it easier for us to prioritize and organise projects, so that we don’t just deliver exceptional quality to our clients, but efficient service as well. We love Sakoentala for her accuracy in handling our administration while saving us from having to deal with numbers and other organisational tasks that might otherwise lead us to procrastinate… With her around, everything is always up-to-date.

Proud mother of a 10-year old girl and an 8-year old boy, Sakoentala loves watching films, travelling, going out to restaurants and…shopping!

Avonic Sales manager

Steven Cogels - Sales Manager

Steven has been in the technology sales game for – well, longer than he wants to admit (15 years, actually). Throughout those years, his sales philosophy hasn’t changed; you go into everything honest, well-prepared, creative, transparent and with open ears. This is what has helped us to develop the long lasting relationships with customers and distributors that are key to the Avonic philosophy.

Steven loves the international nature of our business – he thrives on building bridges between different cultures and gaining a true understanding of our customers’ business and project needs (we think he probably just likes trying different cuisines).

Steven’s another family man (indeed, when we’re not all bonding over PTZ tech we’re frequently talking preschools), and thinks he can give Martijn a run for his money in the kitchen. Steven’s particularly cool thing though is that he’s been a radio DJ since he was 14, and has a weekly radio show. You should check it out at

Avonic Account manager

Noortje van Merode - Account Manager

As our account manager for the Benelux region, it is not just her sales and online marketing experience that Noortje brings to Avonic. Combining the perfect balance of spontaneity and structure, Noortje is highly organized but adaptable, dynamic and ready for adventure – especially if that adventure involves being outdoors and sporty.

Noortje’s highly social side will allow her to work with clients (and us!) to create several meaningful relationships. Most importantly, we enjoy her passion for technology and will support her ambition to join the women-in-tech community in the PROAV industry.

Avonic Managing director

Walter Harrewijn - Managing Director

Our esteemed leader (*cough*). Walter has a background in electrical engineering with a Masters from Delft. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, perhaps he never had any choice but to forge his own path – and innovating in the world of PTZ was the obvious path forward, playing on Walter’s knowledge in the field of ProAV and technical engineering.

Walter’s drive comes from the fact that PTZ opens up new opportunities that didn’t exist before, taking small meetings, events and lectures and giving them an opportunity to reach wider audiences – audiences that find genuine benefit from such an opportunity. Walter is a natural born listener – he listens to his clients, he listens to his staff (and he even listens to his children on occasion) and he uses this listening to build the Avonic empire in a meaningful and mutually-beneficial way.

We like to make fun of Walter as he bikes into the office every day (though secretly we’re actually quite impressed).

More Avonic Team members

Avonic PTZ cameras - Timo
Timo Rogier - Quality and Warehouse Controller
Avonic PTZ cameras - Joey
Joey Kraag - Inside Sales Representative
Avonic PTZ cameras - Sjoerd
Sjoerd van Vliet - Software Developer
Avonic PTZ cameras - Laurens
Laurens Gosseling - Software Developer
Avonic PTZ cameras - Kevin
Kevin Lee - Software Developer
Avonic PTZ cameras - Jasper
Jasper Brink - Software Developer
Avonic PTZ cameras - Emirhan
Emirhan Baran Demir - Software Developer
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