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How our business keeps your going

With a large distribution network throughout the world, Avonic is able to deliver even during times when the demand for PTZ cameras and accessories is at its highest. The Dutch mentality prescribes us to respond to an ever-changing market. It’s in these times that you can find your reliable partner in Avonic.

What sets Avonic apart?
The reason for our partners to choose for Avonic is because we produce products marked by their pristine image quality, outstanding reliability, ease of integration and affordability. Compared to many of Avonics’ competitors our in-house research and development department allows us to produce PTZ cameras and accessories that meet the highest standards and consists of the latest technology.

Our large warehouse inside our Dutch headquarters carries high stock levels that allow us to ship out small and large orders within days. Every single product that leaves our warehouse is checked and signed off by our quality department in order to make sure that problems that may occur during installation are reduced to a minimum. Backed-up by our highly skilled customer service you are always guaranteed of a smooth installation. 

Special times ask for special measures. Avonic is convinced that daily life in business should never be affected in a negative way by the lack of technology.

Which markets benefit from our products?
Covid-19 has an immense impact on our society and the way we work. Working at home or within a safe distance from co-workers is the new standard. Also our personal life is affected by this and requires solutions that allow us to participate in society without becoming isolated from it. All that is learned from our activity in different markets is being put to practice in the improvement of our product range. These innovations help us to stay a leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras.

Education: for years Avonic plays an important role in (online) education through the use of video. Our PTZ cameras and controllers can be found in high schools and universities. The lack of technology should never create a loss of knowledge and it’s our product range that makes sure this never happens.
Healthcare: whether it’s for teaching trainees or discussing important procedures with colleagues from all over the world, Avonic provides the solution. Our cameras play an important role for many years and we are extremely proud to contribute to a better connection within healthcare.
Worship: the use of PTZ cameras in worship is important for all ages and religions. We produce a PTZ camera for churches in order for people to witness a church service even when they’re physically not able to or in times of Covid-19 when attendees are limited.
Video conferencing: international businesses are using video conferencing for a long time but Covid-19 made the demand for video conference cameras explode. Avonic offers different solutions that create a natural way of video meeting without compromising on the quality companies stand for.
Webcast studios: the only thing changed in the world of webcast studios, is the increasing demand for webcast studios. Especially the webinar part is immense popular due to Covid-19. The use of PTZ cameras offers an affordable solution and provides a high-quality way of presenting to (potential) customers and colleagues.
Broadcast: whereas in the past large cameras were needed for producing a broadcast, nowadays the more versatile and less expensive PTZ cameras are being used. Broadcast is changing rapidly. Because broadcast and webcast are inextricably connected, the PTZ cameras from Avonic allow the use of one or multiple cameras to produce both a broadcast and a webcast at the same time.

Webcast studios are becoming more and more popular. PTZ cameras and controllers from Avonic deliver the complete experience at a competitive price level.

Why our customers choose Avonic?
Our customers find a reliable and flexible partner in Avonic. A relatively young and dynamic organisation with over ten years of experience in ProAV that delivers high-quality audio-visual capture solution to many hundreds of different applications. Besides our extensively tested product range we have a customer service that differs from everyone else in the market.

Want to discover the possibilities for your organisation? Contact our sales department through: or call us at +31(0)15 711 2712

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