How does IP control improve the CM44 camera?

Significantly ?……. because it makes every installers life easier. Retailing at just € 799, the CM44 has always represented incredible value for money in the field of video conferencing, with technical specifications that outstrip many competitors at that price point. However, with the now available software upgrade to facilitate IP control (VISCA-IP), the range has now become more versatile and interoperable than ever before.

By adding IP control, you can now more easily integrate the CM44 into your IP based room control system without the limitation of having to use RS-232 cabling or running out of RS232/485 ports. Any Visca command can be sent over IP, making the installation easier and reducing costs.

The CM44 can be controlled in different ways, of course, you can still use the already present RS-232 serial control and we’ve added the IP control for Visca commands. Being a USB 2.0 camera, you can also use the standard UVC control over USB. UVC is provided with any windows installation and doesn’t require additional drivers. Any video conference application that has the built-in support for UVC control, like Zoom Rooms, for example, will be able to control the CM44 natively. For those that really want to go back-to-basic, the trusted IR remote is also included with the camera.

As of Firmware version 2.5.2, IP control is now available on all new and already sold CM44 cameras. So even if you have purchased a unit already you can now upgrade free of charge.

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