Avonic PTZ Camera

What is a PTZ camera?

What is a PTZ camera

First, let me explain the abbreviation of PTZ. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Where Pan means to rotate, Tilt to move the lens up and down. And with Zoom, you can zoom in or out on a part of the image you’re trying to capture. In short, a PTZ camera is a controllable camera that can move over 3 axes.

PTZ camera most versatile camera

PTZ cameras are the most versatile cameras. They are perfect for a lot of different applications. Change your image from an overview of the scene to a specific detail. Rotate your view to different angles remotely. All these features make a PTZ camera an all-in-one camera. It can replace a current multi-camera system more efficiently. Instead of having to use numerous fixed cameras, you can now use just a few PTZ cameras instead and still be able to capture more of the moment.
Our Avonic PTZ cameras are designed for fixed installations and work very well in low light conditions. You can control the camera with common protocols: VISCA, Pelco-D/P via RS232, RS485, IR, and most importantly over IP. Our Avonic cameras are equipped with an IR remote control, but can also be controlled with our controllers.


A preset means that you can store and recall a specific pan/tilt/zoom position quickly. These preset positions ensure that you can easily switch between different shots. You can store up to 255 presets with 0.1° accuracy within our cameras.

When can you use a PTZ camera?

PTZ cameras are used in different locations and in various situations. For example:

  • Locations where live monitoring is provided.
  • Broadcasting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Education
  • Worship registration

Which camera to use?

Avonic has several PTZ cameras with different options. The CM44-VCUC camera ideal for video conferencing with 5x optical zoom and an 83.7° horizontal angle of view. For broadcast and IP streaming the CM70-IP with 20x optical zoom and simultaneous HDMI, SDI, USB 2.0, and low-latency IP streaming video outputs is your winner. Have a look at our field of view calculator to see what camera is the best solution for your situation. And please do contact us for any questions concerning PTZ cameras.

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