PTZ camera solution for lecture capture for Eduction and univeristy

Education sector

The smart classroom is here to stay; students are now tech-savvy and classrooms are equipped with e-whiteboards, individual student tablets and fully interactive, collaborative software solutions. Technology has become a vital component in learning.

PTZ cameras have incredible application within this setting too. Lecture series can now be recorded and distributed to students remotely – increasing the capacity of the educational institution, enhancing their image, making their reach truly global, and opening up the potential for the monetisation of their content. However, people won’t pay for content which is difficult to hear and difficult to follow. Remote learners need to feel like they are in the classroom with the lecturer.

That’s where Avonic comes in. With the exceptional audio and visual capture quality that is embedded across the full range of our PTZ cameras, you can ensure that remote-access students gain a full, immersive learning experience.

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