CM70-Series cameras are now shipping!

Continuing the IP focus of Avonic this year, the CM70 will be a key product of Avonic’s portfolio, with the range of three CM70 PTZ cameras, now shipping worldwide. With full HD 1080p60 video delivered by a Panasonic high SNR CMOS sensor, the CM70 range delivers the exceptional image quality that is the hallmark of all of Avonic’s camera range, even in low light conditions. Moreover, with huge flexibility in terms of concurrent output (HDMI, HD-SDI, IP streaming, USB2.0, MJPEG, and SRT) and control (RS232, RS485 or IP), the CM70 range offers a level of versatility that makes the camera suitable for a wide range of professional applications.

More than this though, it is the IP capabilities of the CM70 range which set Avonic’s offerings apart from competitors in the field. The CM70 range enables optimized IP streaming, offers significant IP advantages by utilizing upgraded encoding engines and by being highly interoperable with third-party applications. Efficiency in the encoding process is also facilitated through the use of balanced audio embedded over SDI, HDMI and IP, so external audio sources can be embedded without the burden of an additional encoder.

The low latency capabilities achieved by IP also serve the benefit of allowing for viewing on-screen to occur in the same room as capture, without disorientating or distracting delay. Network efficiency is also facilitated yet further through the use of Unicast TS protocol; key in places such as universities where multicast traffic is often blocked to prevent network overload.

The new CM70 Range of PTZ Cameras

The combination of these components makes the CM70 range an excellent addition to complex AV recording environments where there is a need to embed external audio, display images in real-time on screens directly in the recording environment, or coordinate complex network components and interfaces with third-party applications. Combined with 40Mbit bitrate streaming for lower levels of compression artifacts, increased pan and tilt speeds, and discreet tally light, the CM70 range operates perfectly in the full spectrum of education, conferencing, broadcast and general presentation environments.

“The shipping of the CM70 range represents an important step for Avonic, and will mark the beginning of significant international market growth for the brand in the coming years” says Steven Cogels, sales manager for Avonic. “We’re pleased that the process of shipping the CM70 coincides with ISE 2020, so that we have further opportunity to demonstrate not only the exceptional quality of the CM70 and CM44, but also showcase how IP is bringing increased versatility and quality to the realm of PTZ-based AV capture. Simply put, IP integration means that more people can do more with our cameras”.

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